For willderness lovers.There is always better. The most beautiful region of Quebec. A selection of natural escapes. Nearby or directly on the site.

Winter ...

  • Nordic Spa and massages

    Hot tubs surrounded by natural snow, sauna, rest areas and massages. (nearby)

  • Dogsled touring

    An unforgettable adventure: sliding in winter with a good team of fast husky dogs. (Orleans Island and Charlevoix)

  • Snowshoeing

    In the backcountry ...or directly in our forest (3 km)

Spring, Summer and Fall ...

  • Hiking

    A selection of beautiful trails ... with breathtaking points of view, directly on the site or nearby (spectacular falls)

  • Sea Kayak on the St-Lawrence

    You will discover the marine environment of this great river

  • Biking in the country

    Original bike ride in a quiet environment

  • Nordic spa and massages

    Rest and healthy pleasures (nearby)

Ski & Snowboard

Mont Sainte-Anne (5 minutes) and Le Massif (20 minutes) are among the most beautiful ski and snowboards centers in North-East America... Two of the only places where you can slide in front of a great river... With breathtaking points of view...

Also, the area is renowned as the most important cross-country skiing region in America . Aboundant snow in the area procures exceptional ski conditions. A nature allying charm and character.

Alpine and Cross Country Package

Mont Sainte-Anne - Le Massif

10% reduction on ski lifts (just keep stations invoices)